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There are certainly pros and cons in the bookie and sports betting business. Staying long hours at night checking balances and figures, having to be always next to the phone every single day of the week making sure no call get missed, and of course having to be constantly on the look-out of a good and sharp line; all the aforementioned qualify under the “cons” category. But all these tasks are now thing of the past thanks to the incorporation of bookie software provided by offshore Pay per head companies. This bookie software takes care of automating all these tasks; add to that a 24/7 call center with qualified clerks that will take any action from players at any time.

Keeping the books balanced is probably the most important aspect of the business for any bookmaker. A single mistake can take a player that was on the negative the positive side of the spectrum. No other area of the business requires more attention and care. The bookie software provided by Pay per head shops will take care of all every single calculation needed and even provide access to an online website, completely secured and hosted on offshore servers, where both players and agents can login and get access to their corresponding figures at any time.

One of the activities that require more time from the bookie is monitoring the line currently offered and making sure it is as sharp as it can be. This certainly takes a lot of time and effort from the bookie’s part. A lot of things can happen from the point a line is initially released to the public and kickoff time. The Bookie Software offered by Pay per head service guarantees that all lines are as sharp as possible and they will move seconds following the mayor books which are the first to receive urgent messages, lineup changes, injuries, or any other factor that can cause the line to move.

And all of these are just some of the features that bookie software provides. Automated figures balancing, sharp line movement and adjustments, 24/7 online and call center access, secure internal messaging system, optional manual lines adjustment tool, among many others. All this features in exchange for a few dollars per active player on the week.

Even though collecting from players at the end of the week might make up for all the time invested wouldn’t it be great to have time to live a normal life. By taking advantage of all the features provided by a Bookie Software bookies can now concentrate in recruiting, and collecting, and finally enjoy their profits.

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