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Any local sports bookie that is still doing business the old-fashioned way can benefit from using a Pay per head provider and become an online sports bookie. As you probably know these type of services take care of giving players access to any type of lines the bookie wants to offer, whether it be online, by accessing the online sportbook through a website, or by calling a toll free number that connects directly to an offshore call center with trained clerks.

There is no need to continue limiting your players with a small time window in which they are able to lay their action. With a Pay per head provider your sports bookie business is now able to offer up-to-date lines on a 24/7 basis literally at any moment during the day you will offer the sharpest line possible, straight from Vegas sources. By becoming an online sports bookie you are also able to expand your offering by adding more lines such as Racing, Boxing/MMA, Tennis and even your own full-fledged Horse Book. Of course, you can choose what to offer and what to hide from your players, but it’s nice to have the option in there.

The price? PayperheadHost offers the entire deal, no matter if you are working with 1 or 10 players, 20 or 50, we give you the real deal, no hidden features, both internet and callcenter players for the flat fee of $9 per head, per week; paying only pay for active players. So even if you have 10 accounts on your package, but it was a slow week and only 2 of them placed tickets you only pay $14 on that week.

Payperheadhost also gives you, as the main bookie (or ‘Master agent’) online access to a plethora of reports and weekly balances and useful statistics that will help you manage your online sports bookie operation much more efficiently. With these reports you can quickly find which are your most successful players and your biggest losers. You can use this information to take further planning and decisions such as increase the juice on certain gametypes, tighten the limits on straights, parlays, etc; or simply filter out the players that are simple not good for business and keep the rest.

Don’t wait until you start losing players to the competition that already moved to the online sports bookie business model by starting using a Pay per head provider. For a few dollars per active player you are able to exponentially increase your player count without limit because all the numbers are made automatically by the pay per head software. You can now focus all your efforts in collecting, paying out, recruiting, and most importantly keeping your book balanced.

No local operation can compete with an online sports bookie using pay per head services, and now there is no need to. We invite you to start your free week and if you are not sure about the entire inner-working of the service, start slow by moving your youngest players, simply give them the username, password, and the Player website, tell them to feel free to login and enter wagers at any time, or call the toll-free number if they rather having a clerk taking their action on the phone. It’s that simple. Remember, if they don’t use the service, you pay nothing. But trust us, when they do, they will not go back, and you will have more free time to spend it however you want.

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