Pay per head Service: Tools of the trade


When looking around for the correct Pay per head agency for your business it’s important to note that not every pay per head sportsbook is as good as the next. While some of them will provide the necessary tools, services, and quick and efficient response to help you increase your operation’s earnings and increase your profit levels, others will leave you regretting the moment you first contacted their customer service department.

These are some of the tools and services to keep an eye on when shopping around for a worthy Pay per head service:


This is the primary product, this is what you are selling, and what your players are buying, offer too few and your clients will not hesitate in moving on to the next local bookie. Good pay per head shops will not only offer action on the main sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey, but will mix it up with exotic lines such as Propositions (or Game Props), Team Totals, and Player Props; these not only provide the biggest margin of opportunities to make money off players losses but they also love these type of lines. There’s nothing more exciting to the bettor to closely follow a game hoping that the player he put action on get more assists than the over of that player prop line he laid action on.


In addition of sports betting look for a Pay per head service that offers Live casino action. Player will love the excitement of playing with beautiful girls, live from such an exotic country like Costa Rica. Always try to find for a Per head which does not take away a commission from your players losses, instead look to pay a fixed per-player amount that only good pay per head services are able to offer. This allows you to make the most profit.


Nowadays bettors are doing everything from their phones: checking their email, browsing the internet, checking their bank accounts; so it’s obvious that they will also want to be able to place wagers from their phones, at any moment and from anywhere by accessing their online bookie website. A sportsbetting line is in constant flux, half a point can turn a winner into a loser, and bettors very well know that, there is no time to lose to lay some action while the line sits exactly where they want it. If you choose a Pay per head provider which does not offer a mobile solution for your clients they will be pissed. If your online sportsbook does not give them fast and quick access anytime, from anywhere, they will just keep on looking for the next online bookie, one that likes living on the 21st century.


Live betting plus a solid mobile platform take sports betting and your operation to a whole new level. Live wagering is offered mostly on televised header games, it allows players to place bets as the game is in progress. The way it works is that an adjusted line according the current game score and condition is offered for a brief period of time (usually during timeouts and commercial breaks) this allows the players to login to their online bookie website, login to their account and place their action on any given line. The sense of action and excitement is really look-after by players, and this in exchange will keep them busy and entertained laying action and increasing your sportsbook income.

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