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Better Tools to Ramp-Up Your Profit

Our bookie software and websites have been built with your business profit in mind. For such we have included the most feature-rich lines mover tool and multiple other features so you can control your book’ limits and offering with ease.

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PPH Sportsbook:

Sharp lines updates, no grading errors, no downtimes, accessible 24/7 for your clients

Blazing fast, sharp lines and beautifully crafted design

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    Huge selection of sports betting lines. Offer only what you choose, right from within the bookie software platform.
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    Sharp lines: Forget about bad lines and complaints from your clients. 
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    Have you ever had to wait hours or even had to call your PPH provider to get the tickets graded? Our grading system is not only fast but also accurate. No more mistakes that cost you money.
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    No Downtimes: Our bookie websites are battle-tested to stand heavy traffic. This means no more complaints from your clients for not be able to login during crunch times.
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    Mobile Ready: Blazing fast sportsbook accessible from any device.

Our PPH Sportsbook gives your clients a 5-star experience. The model is simple: your clients place their tickets on your own website or call center provided by us -> You pay the winners and collect from the losers.

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Powerful Bookie Software Tools

Total control of your sportsbookbook at your fingertips

Our bookie software websites feature more and better designed tools than any other per head in the business.

Take control of your sportsbook right from within your management panel.

advanced lines adjustment tool

Bookie Websites Features

(All these and more available from the management panel)

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    No more clunky controls or slow load times. We provide the fastest and most advanced lines adjustment tool: Easily adjust spread, moneyline, or totals to make it the most profitable for your book.
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    Allow or Deny action per linetype, per sport or period.
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    Advanced Wager Limits: decide early limits, maximum ticket amount, hide lines for X hours before game time, control parlay correlation limits.
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    Vig setup: Ever wanted to set reduced juice (-105)? Or maybe -115 lines on quarters? Now is possible right from the bookie software panel.
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    And much more

“No more grading errors and bad lines. I can finally run my business and focus in expanding without been dragged down. - Archie NJ

Ready to ramp-up your profit and take control of your business?

Powerful Bookie Software Websites

With All the Tools Your Sportsbook Needs

Easily adjust your betting lines, allow or deny action, control max wager amounts, set juice/vig, and be the most profitable you have ever been

With over 20 years of experience in the industry the team at PayperheadHost thrives to deliver top-notch service in every aspect of the bookmaking process:

PPH Sportsbook

Forget about grading errors and complaints. We bring you a carefully designed Sportsbook for your clients.
An easy user experience and fast loading times will keep you clients hooked

Digital Casino

Keep your clients busy with a complete Vegas style Digital Casino experience, with over 40 casino games around the clock. Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and many more.


Over 70+ tracks around the world. Fully customizable Stake and Payout limits. Offer all wagers available in a local track: Win, Show, Place, Trifecta and Superfecta. As well as exotic wagers such as Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6

Take control of your book and ramp-up your profit this season.
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Features Unique to Our Bookie Software Platform

Our unique sportsbook solutions are designed to increase your book’s profitability.
These tools are designed to give you full control of every aspect of your operation, right from within the sportsbook management panel.

Lines Adjustment Tool

Our websites for bookies use the fastest, most advanced lines adjustment tool in the industry

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    Easily adjust spread, moneyline, or totals to make it the most profitable for your book
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    Change the line or the juice/vigorish
  • Per-game max wager: Set a maximum amount to wager on a single game. This limit could be set for spread, total, moneyline, or total. No ticket higher than the amount specified will be accepted, only on the game selected.
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    Shade feature: Follow our line updates: optionally you can change your line but continue to follow our changes. This way if the line moves, for instance half a point, your book’s line will also move by the same amount, while keeping your original line adjustment.
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    Our bookie software allows you to easily reset to the original line value with a click of a button
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    Remove the line, if you rather don’t offer that line at the moment
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    Remove or show all betting lines for that sport or game type (full game, half time, quarter, etc)

Allow and Deny Action

Choose what type of action to allow on your book

Allow and Deny action based on line type (spread, moneyline, parlay, etc), based on sport (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc), or even game type (full game, first half, quarter, etc)

Max Wager Options

Total control of your book’s exposure

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    Control max wager value per line type (spread, ml, totals, team totals, parlays, etc)
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    Optionally set different values for phone or internet access
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    Quickly copy/paste changes to multiple sports or game types (full game, halves, etc)
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    Apply these changes per individual player or to your entire book
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    Early limits options: set max wager amount and time of day or number of hours before the game for this limit to apply
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    Set max parlay wager amount
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    Apply a global wager limit to be applied across all line types for that game type (nfl full game, nfl 1st half, etc)

Juice/Vigorish Setup Options

Vig setup: Ever wanted to set reduced juice? Or maybe offer -115 lines to your players? Now is possible right from your management panel.

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    Set vig comeback (-105, -110, -115, etc)
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    Set juice discount percentage (1% to 100%)
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    Set a maximum moneyline (price) for the line to be offered. If the moneyline surpasses this limit the line will not be offered to your players.

Place late bets

Right from within your management panel you can place any tickets without having to login as your player.

Bookie Software Sportsbook Features overview

+Sportsbook Features Include:

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    Straights, Parlays, Teasers, If-bets, Action reverse
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    Live Scores
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    Daily figures
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    Internal messaging system. Your players can now message you right from within their account.
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    Configurable skins. Make your players make it their own.
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    Boss switch. With with click the sportsbook will go away and a safe-for-work page will display instead
dedicated mobile app

Dedicated Mobile app

Our sportsbook features a proprietary mobile application which makes it easily and quickly accessible from any smartphone or table.


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Payperheadhost give you the best value for your money

When choosing PayperheadHost service as your provider you get access to all the tools you need to run your book and manage your clients effectively and be profitable.
Start receiving serious and professional service from experienced providers at the best value for your money

Customer Testimonials

I have had to go through 3 different PPH providers until I found PayPerheadHost. These guys know what they are doing. I got tired of mistakes on the grading of my games or having to wait hours until games were graded.

I fully recommend it.

Tom S.

Transportation and Moving

I can quickly get my lines changed to -105 or even enter tickets in behalf of my players. It’s a breeze working with these guys

Jimmy R


No more grading errors and bad lines. I can finally run my business and focus in expanding without been dragged down

Archie NJ


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