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Lines Mover

Our lines mover application allows you to get in and adjust or hide any line as you see necessary. You can also choose to follow the main book lines movements (default), or to have fixed lines until you make the adjustment yourself. Full game, spreads, totals, and moneylines, can be all hidden independently. Use the handy filtering option at the top of the lines mover application to get where you want quick and easy.

Lines Mover

Messaging system

Stop using free email accounts, there is zero security in them and all data goes through somebody else’s servers. We created our own internal messaging system in which all traffic goes with the utmost privacy through our own data centers located in Costa Rica. You can use the same system to send private messages to one of several of your clients or to contact the PPH office.

messaging system

Profile Limits

No need to contact the pay per head office anymore to get that basketball total limit raised. At PayperheadHost we created a profile limits tools that gives you complete access to your client’s limits. Per sport, per game-type, per period, per client. Nobody knows your clients better than you, so we give you that tools you need to be more efficient.

Profile limits

Bet Ticker

Following the same principle of the Wager Alert, the Bet Ticker is an online application that uses several graphic clues to help you quickly analyze the amount of tickets coming in. Colors such as green, yellow, and red will indicate the amount risked.

Bet Ticker
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