[step-by-step] How to Become a Bookie with Pay Per Head Services

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Hey sports bettor! Are you looking to add an extra source of income to your life by learning how to become a bookie? Or maybe you are already booking and want to add more clients to your sheet without spending more on phones, clerks, or making sure your lines stay sharp. Pay per head services provide the best way on how to be a successful sports bookie and manage your business.

Whatever your case may be in this article we will explain very simply how “pay per head” bookie software and services work, and how you can use to become a bookie and be more profitable. No matter if you are a long time agent or a sports bettor looking to get into the business.


[Infographic] How to be a bookie using pay per head services

How to be a Bookie using the “Pay Per Head” Business Model?

The Pay per head bookie business model is used by successful sports bookies to run their bookie operation, it can also assist you to jump-start your own bookmaking operation.

Let’s use an typical example, step by step, of the typical flow of operation:

  • 1
    If you are wondering how to be a bookie and take bets from friends or family, then you can sign up for a free week of our service or request a pay per head demo account.
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    Upon signing up, you will receive a username and password (usually referred as “agent login”). You will also receive several username and passwords for your clients (player logins). These are the players which you will take bets for.
  • 3
    You start giving out these username and passwords to your players, they will use these to log in to the website from where they will place their bets.

Becoming a Bookie 101: A typical example of giving out an account to one of your players will be like this:

Step # 1:

1. You have a friend name John. You come to an agreement with John on how much he can win or lose per month, let’s say $500 per week. This is his “credit limit” which he can use to bet that week. Setting a credit limit is one of the keys on having success on running a bookie operation
and becoming a successful sports bookie.

You also agree with John that every Tuesday you two will “settle”. Settle means that if during that week John ended up with a positive balance and therefore you owe him money, you will pay John in full on Tuesday. If John lost more than he won, and ended the week with a negative balance, he owes you money, and he will pay you in full on Tuesday.

update credit limit (player management)

You can easily set the credit limit from the player management screen. Once the player reaches that limit he will no longer be able to place any more bets.

Step # 2:

You give John a website, and one of the username and password we gave you when you signed up (player logins). Another important factor on how to become a bookie is having your own wagering website. We will give you access to a modern website where you can direct your players to place their bets.

This website is also given to you upon sign up. It’s usually something like “yoursite.com”. The username and password could be something like “player123” with password “xyz123”.

players usernames passwords management

You can easily access the list of players’ usernames and change their passwords. You can easily add more player accounts, whether you are a long time agent or someone starting his bookie business.

Step # 3:

John can then log in to that website and place bets on sports, casino games, and horse racing. All wagers are tracked and recorded by the system. You can log in to your agent website to see all the bets placed by your players at any time.

*With our bookie software you can control what is available on your sportsbook. For example if you only want to offer NFL and nothing else we can set it up like that.

player insert ticket sportsbook

Your players will use a top-of-the-line sportsbook to place their bets. Of which you have total control of what sports and games are available.

Step # 4:

Monitoring the action on your book is very important to ensure the success on your way to becoming a bookie. You can log in to your agent account and see what John has been placing bets on. You will see all the bets John has placed, how much he has bet, and how much he has won or lost.

Players weekly balances screen and bets history list view

To help you quickly scan your numbers, all daily balances are color-coded. Go more in depth by clicking any balance.

Step # 5:

If you only had John betting during a week, you would only pay us $10 for every week John bets. Whether it is 1 bet or 100. Whether he loses $10K or breaks even. You only pay us $10 for handling his bets, keeping sharp lines, and providing all the software and infrastructure to both you and John. Pay per head services provide the most straightforward way to become a successful sports bookie and manage the business.

Active players report

The “active customers” report shows how many players have placed bets per week. These are segmented by Sports betting, Casino, and Live betting.

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    Our pay per head services are extremely using on how to become a bookie that is not only profitable but also maintaining your privacy. Our service provides the utmost privacy to you and your players since all bets are recorded on our offshore servers, away from any prying eyes or unwanted attention. You enjoy complete anonymity.
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    If you had 10 players, and give out 10 accounts, but only 4 of them place wagers this week, you only pay us $40. In other words, we only charge players that are “active” during the week (meaning placed 1 or more wagers per week).


So that is what the “pay per head” bookie business model works and how to make money as a bookie using our service. Very easy to work with and EXTREMELY secure since everything is managed by an OFFSHORE CENTER to handle all of your action.

If your players prefer call-in instead of using an online website, we also provide you with a toll-free number, which rings through our offshore call center. We don’t charge additional for this (as other companies do).

Another factor that determines how to be a bookie and be successful at running your sports bookmaking operation is the accessibility that the software provides to your players. Our bookie software is mobile ready, which means your players can easily log in from their smartphone and place their bets. This is important due to the rise on mobile betting all around the world, and this trend is only expected to increase as technology advances.

How to Become a Bookie with PayperheadHost and sky-rocket your profit margins!

At PayperheadHost we really have the profit of your business in mind. That’s why only with us you will have access to tools designed to control every aspect of your bookie operation and allow action on only the sports, games, lines types, juice configuration, and bet types that makes you money. Being a bookie online has never been easier and these tools will assist you like no other on how to become a bookie.

We provide the most advanced and easy-to-use lines adjustment tool. Whether you want to adjust your home team spread by a couple of points and continue following our line updates, or want total control of your offering by setting a fixed line, you can do it with PayperheadHost’s bookie software.

Another point that worries anyone considering how to become a bookie is “lines control”.
Using a pay per head service and not having total control of their sports betting lines can be worrisome by some. Because of this we have paid special attention to our lines management tool to help you have quick and total control.

We proud ourselves in having the most advanced lines adjustment tool in the industry, so you choose to adjust your lines yourself, so can do it easily, or just leave to our experience lines management team to publish the sharpest lines to ensure profit to your bookie operation on the long run.

Click the link below to see the features UNIQUE to our platform, and feel free to request a DEMO account if you want to test it out.


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So there you have it. On your way on how to become a bookie, “Pay per head” services manage all of the workload allowing you to focus on quickly identifying the customers make more sense to your business.

Do you have any questions about any aspect of the “pay per head” business model and how it can help you start a bookmaking operation? Chime in on the comments below. All comments are completely anonymous and you can subscribe to the thread to be notified when a reply is posted (you could use a spare email address for this if you want).