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Our platforms gives you more control of your book than any other.
Check below all of our features unique to our platform developed in-house to satisfy all of our agents demands.

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Request access to our pay per head demo and within 5 minutes we will reply back with website, username and password for your instant access

    Pay per head Demo

    Sportsbook Features:

    Blazing fast, sharp lines and beautifully crafted design

    Through our sportsbook pay per head demo account you will able to experience:

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    Pay per head Demo

    Sportsbook Backend:

    Through our pay per head demo (sportsbook backend account) you will experience why our platform gives you more control of your book than any other PPH out there.

    Unique features to our platform

    More tools to better control your book, right from within your sportsbook backend:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common questions about our pay per head demo access

    Absolutely not. Simply use the form at the top of this page to request access to our demo account. We will send you website, username, and password to your preferred email address.

    Yes! These demo accounts are the real deal and you can test each and every feature our software provides. That means place bets, create player accounts, change credit and max wager limits among all the other tools and options available.

    Yes! When you request your pay per head demo account we will send you login information for both the sportsbook backend and the player (sportsbook) interface. You can also use the sportsbook backend, take one of the player accounts listed under “customer admin”, log in as one of them and place your tickets, then see how it’s reflected back on the sportsbook backend.

    Absolutely. Simply log in to the sportsbook backend, either go to “customer admin”, then click the button “enter transaction”. Alternatively from the backend home screen you can click “enter customer transactions”.

    Yes! After you login as a player (either though the player demo account provided on our email or as one of the players listed under the backend “customer admin” option), at the top of the sportsbook frontend you will see the option “dynamic live betting”.

    Not convinced yet?

    PayperheadHost is “the” PPH sportsbook provider of choice if you are serious about keeping control of your operation and not having to call-in for every little change you want

    *No deposit or further details are required